Aubrey's aimless blog


So my therapist is leaving my clinic. I'd been seeing her for a long time, nearly three years. For how much I appreciate everything she's done for me, I'm surprised how well I took the news. I mean, what good would getting upset do?

Also in the Change bucket is this blog's design... I spent too long adapting it from my main site's design, but I think it turned out pretty nice. My head's foggy these days, which prolonged the process, but I really did miss being excited about things. Turns out you tend to enjoy yourself if you're excited about something. Who'da thunk. I still have a ways to go on this, since I abandoned using Jekyll for stitching the site together and am now doing it by hand; I'm trying to write a script to help automate the generation of the site index, but it'll take a while to get going.

While the past few days have been fun, the past few weeks haven't been so fun. In some misguided effort to better understand the social and interpersonal rammifications of my various thoughts and urges, I've been overexposing myself to both SI and SI in books, TV shows, and films.

Today I'm going to go see Kong: Skull Island. I need something escapist and beautiful to contrast my recent media of choice. I'll leave y'all with a very short story excerpted from the film Short Term 12, called The Shark and the Octopus.