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Jokes of the Week

I'm known at work for telling terrible jokes, usually in the form of really awful puns (A bacon goulda sandwich? That's a goulda choice!). Part of trying to feel better about myself, and in an effort to feel like I have a purpose at work, I've been posting a "Joke of the Week" on the public community board for customers. My boss even asked me to, with only the requirement that the jokes be G-rated and politically neutral. I've included here the last two; sorry for the potato quality.

On the last few posts I've been adding art, mostly cute things I can trace from online. I've been getting a ton of positive feedback, both from coworkers and customers. Sometimes I see customers taking pictures of the week's joke to share with others, and sometimes they specifically ask "Who's Aubrey? Is she working?" People have gone out of their way to tell me about how they shared a certain joke with their kids, or which one was their favorite. Occasionally I've neglected to put up a joke for a few days, and inevitably we get comments from people saying how disappointed they were not to see a joke, and how much they were looking forward to it.

It feels really good to be appreciated for something I do, for something I put some creative thought in curating and producing. I like making people smile, and even in the few cases I have direct knowledge of, giving them something to look forward to when they get their morning coffee. I feel a little less lost and purposeless.

Pooh joke
No thanks, I'm stuffed!
Octopus joke
Ten tickles!